A Few Hours on I-70

As I mentioned in my last post about hiking Red Rocks in the snow, it was cold on the day we were heading out of Colorado. We were dodging some weather, and decided it was inadvisable to go up through Wyoming. Instead, the safest route seemed to be west on I-70 (how sad, we would have to look at the beautiful mountains and ski towns!)

Chilly though we were, and late though the hour was, the kids and I still wanted to make whatever stops we could to see cool stuff. As we were leaving Denver, we noticed a sign for Buffalo Bill’s Grave. Yay, something we haven’t done before!

The first thing we saw upon exiting our car was this amazing view from Lookout Mountain:



Wow! The fog and snow from earlier in the day had cleared, and here we were looking down on the tops of the clouds. Gorgeous. As you can see, Lemon and Clementine (that’s the 11-year-old) are still bundled, because it was FREEZING. Did I mention it was cold? Also windy.

The little museum at Buffalo Bill’s Grave was very affordable – all four of us got in for $8, and there was a lot of interesting reading to do on a nice layout of displays. Most of the museum area is on a lower level, and unfortunately, I couldn’t stay in there long enough to take good photos, due to the strong perfume of a couple of patrons. Wah, I know, I’m a whiner – but it triggers my migraines, and roadtripping with a migraine is no fun. So, I had to run away. Will have to go back for more pictures on our next pass through the area, because I really love to take my time to read all of the historical notes at places like this.

Upon exiting the museum, the kiddos stopped for a photo-op. That’s No-Neck Huckleberry on the right.



And we headed up the tree lined path to Buffalo Bill’s Grave.


Sign at Buffalo Bill's Grave


The place where William F Cody and his wife, Louisa, are buried is a peaceful, wooded clearing on Lookout Mountain, overlooking Denver and the plains. According to the historical information printed nearby, this was a place that Buffalo Bill loved, and he asked to be buried here.



This was a quick but interesting stop, and we vowed to do some more reading on the subject before we stop by again. To learn more about the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, you can visit their website here: The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

As it was now getting quite late in the day, we piled into the car, and headed back to I-70, to continue on to our stop for the night. On our way to Grand Junction, we took the obligatory break at one of our favorite picnic spots: Grizzly Creek.



As you can see, it wasn’t a good time for a picnic. Clementine was not amused. Huckleberry is always game for a good romp in the snow, though. Brrrr…

Bathroom break, a couple of photos of sunset near Glenwood Canyon…



… and off we go. No more stops after this, because it was dark (and cold, in case I didn’t mention…), but we did make it to our snug hotel in Grand Junction, and successfully beat the snow out of Colorado. The next morning, we were off!


Leaving Colorful Colorado
Leaving Colorful Colorado


Ahem. That is supposed to say “Leaving Colorful Colorado” – Lemon should not be trusted to take the pictures.

Yay, sun! And on into Utah…


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