A Quick Hello


Seeing as how we are about to embark on the craziest road trip we’ve taken yet, we figured it might be time to start writing this stuff down for posterity. So, here I am, writing this tiny intro to this little blog.

“We” are a family that is made up of a mom (me) and four kids – one of whom is now a grown up of 19 years, who rarely roadtrips with us anymore. Lame. BUT, we have roadtripped across much of the US off and on for the past 6 years, and we’ve seen some pretty awesome things. And the three remaining under-18s and I still happily drive from state to state on the regular, stopping to hike and see what sights we can see along the way.

So… our crazy road trip. Well, last year, we all moved from Colorado to the Oregon Coast, and on one of our grocery trips into Newport, we noticed this cool sign:


“What is that?!” I said, and immediately instructed the 14-year-old, who henceforth shall be called “Lemon”, to Google Highway 20.

Highway 20, as it turns out, is the longest highway in the US, and it goes all the way from Newport, Oregon to Boston, Massachusetts.

Clearly, this road needs to be driven, and soon. Plans are in the works as I type this – it’s happening, my friends. And on top of that, we said, “Hey – since we’re going to be driving through all of these states on the way there, why don’t we also just visit ALL of the states?”

Well, sure, that makes sense to me.

And that’s how we made Part 2 of the crazy plan: Visit all 50 states (by car, except where that isn’t possible), within the next two years.

So, here we go. We invite you to follow along with us on our journey, and we’ll write about it as we go.

PS, we also REALLY like to hike, so, while we’re feeling ambitious, we vow to hike in all 50 states as we go! And we’ll take pictures of cool stuff. 😉

That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon to write about the first states we will check off the list… we’ve already started!



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